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    10 steps guaranteed to Transform Your Relationship/Marriage

1.  Have weekly family meetings – clarify your roles, responsibilities and do follow up

2.   Write out what your fantasy relationship/marriage looks like – share it with your
  partner.  (see what of the fantasy can you create together)

3.    Write out what love looks like to you and share this with your partner.

4.    Are duties equitable in your house? Yes or No, if not, find resolve.

5.    Ask your spouse/partner (weekly) how can I help you be happier this week?

6.    Agree on a philosophy (way of life, values, beliefs), charity, spirituality, etc. that you
   actively participate in together.

7.    Operate as if - trust is a decision – followed by you expecting your partner to do trust
   worthy actions. (Not your waiting for your partner to fail)

8.    Learn your spouse/partner’s love languages and speak them frequently.

9.    Keep a record of rights.

10.  Forgive – forgive - forgive.

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