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Do you avoid conflict?
Do you leave jobs and/or relationships to
avoid conflict?

Do you get angry when others tell you -
you need anger management?

Do you leave jobs and/or relationships to
avoid conflict?

If you answered yes to any one of the above
questions ....

Seek help
- click  Anger Management Skills
Areas of Specialties:

Managing workplace stress, coping with
being laid off,  fear of being laid off, stress,
sandwich generation, etc.

Treatment for Depression: trouble
sleeping or wake up tired, gained or loss
weight, no energy to do fun things anymore,  
difficulty staying focused at work, easily
irritated, feeling hopeless and suicidal, lack
motivation, symptoms of bipolar, etc.

Treatment for Anxiety: behavior/thought
patterns that leave you vulnerable or that
block potential at work, public speaking,
friendship, finance, feeling anxious, heart
racing, etc

Post Traumatic Stress: adults who were
sexually and/or physically abused, mugging,
sexually assaulted, etc.

Alcohol/Drug related issues: addiction,
difficult trusting, ignore your own needs,
struggle with intimacy, fear of being out of
control, life has become unmanageable, can
not stop drinking or using drugs, etc.

Adjusting to breakup/separation/divorce,
grief & loss, relocation, laid off, etc.

Marriage/couples/Living together
, staying in a meaningful/healthy
relationship, trust loss, resentments

EAP Counselor -

Counseling for Women & Men
  • Solution Focus
  • Cognitive
  • Psychodynamic
  • Christian
Together we decide which approach is best for you.
To make an appointment call Lillie
at 312-343-0038 or email her at
Counseling       ---          Talking Does Help!
Lillie is conveniently located near the following zip codes: 60610, 60607, 60605, 60604, 60603,60602, 60601
"Thanks to Lillie's insight
into the human spirit,
along with her genuine
concern, I was able to
breathe again following a
devastating loss."
Deborah G.

"Lillie has helped me focus
on what I need and want in
life! With Lille's motivation,
encouragement and
guidance, I was able to
identify elements that once
hindered me from doing
what's best for me. Since
working with Lillie, I've been
able to see what is standing
in the way of my goals, and
my ability to achieve them.
Lille's truly committed to her
work; inspiring others to
live their best life now! "
Chicago Board Of