"Lillie provided a safe and supportive environment with practical tools that I put to use daily.
I used to have severe migraines weekly due to emotional stress and pain, and now I am living free
of migraines, more alive and confident. And thanks to Lillie, I am also better enabled to address
each experience in the future."
                                                                                                                        - Angie
"Thanks to Lillie's insight into the human spirit, along with her genuine concern, I was able to
breathe again following a devastating loss."
                                                                                                              Deborah G.

"Lillie has helped me focus on what I need and want in life! With Lille's motivation, encouragement and
guidance, I was able to identify elements that once hindered me from doing what's best for me. Since
working with Lillie, I've been able to see what is standing in the way of my goals, and my ability to
achieve them. Lille's truly committed to her work; inspiring others to live their best life now! "
                                                                                                    Chicago Board Of Exchange         

"Lillie is a true life coach. She tailored-made a plan for me and helped me develop realistic processes
that assisted me in tackling life’s challenges. I very quickly saw results in all areas of my life – in
personal and family relationships, interactions with my students, dealings with colleagues and in my
friendships. I highly recommend her."
                                                                       - Professor, Columbia College Chicago

"The services Lillie provided were immeasurable. Lillie helped me to overcome my issues of "being a
victim" in so many aspects of my life-from personal to professional. Lillie also helped me to build up my
self-confidence and truly believe in my self-worth. With that internal strength, I am in the process of
becoming an entrepreneur and networking with very high-level executives with confidence. I have
recommended and continue to recommend Lille's services to a number of professionals in various
occupations. Lillie has a gift; the ability to connect with others and more importantly help people to truly
connect with themselves, to deal with themselves in order to work through and truly become your best-
self. I know this sounds cliché, but she is just that valuable and good at what she does. Thank you

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